We have been servicing and repairing ink jet and laser printers for years, and we have a knowledge base which helps us identify many hardware and print quality problems fast and efficiently.

Print! Print! Print!

Typical Laser PrinterLaser printers come in many shapes and sizes, although the basic operation is the same.Typical Large Format Plotter
We have worked on many printers including Mono & Colour Laser Printers, Dot Matrix, and Plotters.

Some problems on laser printers are caused by faulty drums and developer units, if your printouts are coming out with marks repeating down the page then theres a chance that your drum unit or developer have been damaged or have marks on them. If your having problems with print quality, bring in some samples with your printer, & we will probably be able to diagnose your problem quickly.

"...those damn marks on my documents"

Plotters are mainly used by archcitects & designers and companies printing large images on paper sizes around A1 & A0. The basic principle of most of these printers is based around Inkjet Technology & although Larger and costing a considerable amount more than your average inkjet printer, these machines can still give problems. With manufacturers charging sometimes hundreds just for labour for a call, we can save your money by offering a free quotaton for a workshopinspection. Once we inspect your machine, we will give you a full price for all the work it required (if any) with no hidden charges.

If you having an issue with you plotter, give us a call and let us see if we can help you.

Ink jet & Dot Matrix Printers are equally annoying when they do not work for you. Many have paper pickup problems, print quality problems and make funny noises as customers kindly explain to us.

Typical Dot Matrix Printer

If you have a Mono / Colour Laser printer, Inkjet, or Plotter which does not work, Typical inkjet printerdo not just throw it away, save your environment and your pocket. Bring it into our workshop or call us to arrange for an evaluation, as it may just be worth repairing. Most problems can be solved the same day, but if we require parts for your particular model, we will give you a quotation first and then if you are happy, proceed to order the part and fix your printer.

Some companies will dive into repairing anything just to get the customer to believe they are a computer repair company. With over 10 years experience in PC & Printer repairs, our engineers really do know how to fix printers. So don't go to jokers any more, come straight to us. With parking right outside our new workshops and a brilliant service, you need look no further.